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In our mechanic department you will find a professional and skilled team who performs periodic treatments and high-quality repairs according to the Volvo importer standard. Due to the fact that the service center is connected to the importer's computers, it is possible to determine exactly what care is required for the vehicle, according to its maintenance history on the authorized garage network.

Diagnostics, Control and Air Conditioning Department

Diagnostics, Control and Air Conditioning Department

We use the manufacturer's advanced computerized systems, which help the diagnostician to quickly detect faults by scanning all systems and offer the optimal repair options. Our employees undergo extensive and regular training on all innovations and changes in the field so they have an up-to-date knowledge.

Body-shop and coloring

Body-shop and coloring

This department specializes in handling accident damage, and various body / color damage for Volvo vehicles. The repairs are not visible and are done professionally, using high-quality body materials and high-quality paint in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Spare parts warehouse

Spare parts warehouse

The Arthur Service Center, a licensed garage for Volvo vehicles in Jerusalem, uses only original manufacturer-approved replacement parts. The use of original spare parts is of great importance both technically and safely. We grant two years warranty on original parts.


Your Volvo is full of options.

On Volvo Israel’s website you can find short videos on a variety of topics so you can get to know your car, enjoy it more and get explanations if needed.


Post-accident repair

Our state-of-the-art body shop offers you:

Original parts to keep your vehicle original, as well as original colors made from eco-friendly materials and painted in the oven according to the manufacturer’s specifications, Polishing, wax and a variety of care products for your vehicle, all under the watchful eye of a professional expert team.

In the body and paint department, a skilled and professional team uses original spare parts providing the customer quality, safety, and car value.

We provide a variety of treatments such as: Post accident car painting, car repair, bodywork and paint, chassis alignment using advanced stretchers and more. We make sure the vehicle is delivered to the customer after it has been repaired and painted in the most optimal way, as you have received the vehicle from the manufacturer.

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